Recording Problems when Moving All Items

In a situation where there has been an issue with one or more of the collected items (e.g. an item has been lost or damaged), it is still possible to move everything in a user’s possession to a new location whilst also recording details of the affected items.

To do this, check the Problems? box on the Custody screen as shown below. This will add a new section to the bottom of the screen to enter details for each of the affected items.

Just as in the regular process for moving all collected items to a new location, scan the location barcode for the destination location.

For each of the affected problem items, tap on the circular blue + button at the bottom-right of the screen.

Enter values in the fields within the new Problem Item box. The problem item record can be deleted by tapping on the red cross icon in the top-right. The id of the affected item can be selected from a drop-down list of the items collected with the current device on the current date.

When all other fields have been completed, the screen will look like the image below.

Tap on the Confirm & Send button to complete the process. This will create a record moving every sample item currently in the user’s possession excluding the problem items to the new destination. It will also create records for the problem items to record the specific details of any issues.