Collecting Items without the App

Please note this functionality requires a live data connection on the mobile device.

A third-party courier can register the collection of a group of items (e.g. sample bottles) by using the camera on their mobile device to scan the QR code present at the collection location. This QR code is generated by the Remote Sampler system and will open a URL on a browser on the user’s mobile device. The Courier Collection screen will be displayed as shown below.

The user is able to view the number of items that should be collected as well as their destination. The user is also provided with the option to enter a comment if anything unexpected occurs e.g. they are unable to collect all the expected items.

Scrolling down allows the user to record their name and company as well as entering a signature. Ensure that the green Accept button has been tapped to record the completed signature. The Clear button can be used to reset the signature box to allow a fresh signature to be recorded.

All fields except the comment are mandatory and it is not possible to tap on the Confirm button until they have been completed.

Tap on the Confirm button to complete the action. If the action is successful then the message below will be shown.

The item movements have now been successfully registered with Remote Sampler and the user may take the items and proceed with their transport to the agreed destination.