Moving Selected Items to a New Location

To move only selected items from one location to a new location, tap on the Custody button on the app Home screen to open the Custody screen. Adjust the value in the What to Move dropdown at the top of the screen to Selected Items. This will require each item to be moved to be scanned one-by-one.

Scan the location barcode for the destination location for the items by tapping on the square blue button and using the device camera.

For each of the items to be moved, tap on the circular blue + button at the bottom-right of the screen and use the device camera to scan the item barcode label.

If necessary, a signature can be entered by tapping on the yellow pencil icon.

Once each item to be moved has been scanned, tap on the Confirm & Send button to complete the process. This will create records for each of the items that registers their movement to the new destination.