Moving all Collected Items to a New Location

The Remote Sampler app keeps track of all the items that have been collected during a given sampling day and which of those are currently still marked as residing in the user’s personal item collection (e.g. which items are still in the user’s possession) .

To move all the items in the user’s current possession to a new location in one action, tap on the Custody button on the app Home screen to open the Custody screen.

By default, the Custody screen will open set to move all items collected today to a new location. The only action required here is to scan the location barcode associated with the destination location.

In this example, all items currently in the possession of the sampler will be marked as moved to the new location RECEPTION-1.

Tap Confirm & Send to complete the move action. A prompt will then be displayed to confirm that the action has been completed.

This action will create a new record in the chain of custody for each of the items in the user’s possession to say that they have been moved to the new destination.