Upcoming Product Features

Release Timeline

The Remote Sampler development team are always working hard to fix bugs and introduce powerful new features to the product. This page provides an overview of the coming features along with estimated roll-out dates. All timescales on this page are subject to change since work is frequently re-prioritised based on customer demand as well as development workload. 

The chart below shows a timeline for the upcoming releases of Remote Sampler over the coming months.





Release Overview

The table below outlines a list of the features that a slated for release in each of the versions in the timeline above.


Estimated Date




Estimated Date




1st May 2022

LIMS ML compatibility

Addition of support for LIMS ML compatibility when integrating with ThermoFisher SampleManager LIMS.

Bluetooth printing support

Support for field printing using Zebra Bluetooth thermal label printers.

Attachment viewing

Functionality for sending attachments files (PDF and JPEG) down to the mobile device and viewing them.

Waste-water functionality optimisation

A re-envisioning of the waste-water functionality present in the Windows version of the Remote Sampler device client. 


1st Nov 2022

Automated configuration extraction from LIMS

Functionality to automatically generate and maintain Remote Sampler workflow configuration based on LIMS configuration.

Work assignment automation via LIMS

Fully automated support for work assignment and reassignment driven by LIMS.

Support for speech recognition

Addition of speech recognition for data entry.


1st May 2023

Large static data support

Functionality to allow large static data lists to be synchronised with the mobile device.

Support for .png attachments

Support for sample attachments of file type .png.


1st Nov 2023

QLIMS integration support

Support for integration with OnQ QLIMS 9.0.


1st May 2024

Device disaster recovery functionality

An independent mechanism to back up all key sampling data on every mobile device. Support for viewing and exporting of backup data.

Multifactor authentication support

Support for multifactor authentication in the web client.


1st Nov 2024

SampleManager LIMS API integration

Direct integration with the ThermoFisher SampleManager Rest API

Historical site data

Allow users to view historical data for samples points


1st Nov 2025

Single sign-on support

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory for single-sign on the web management portal.

Full support for Microsoft Azure

Full out of the box support for systems running on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

First phase of WCAG2.1 compliance

Full system analysis on existing compliance level with WCAG accessibility guidelines.


1st May 2025

Second phase of WCAG2.1 compliance

Full compliance with WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.

Ionic version update

Update mobile application to latest version of Ionic framework.

Angular version update

Update web client to latest version of Angular framework.