Installing the Teamviewer Quicksupport App

It can be very difficult to diagnose problems that occur with software on mobile devices without being able to see it happen first-hand. If you are experiencing issues with Remote Sampler we would recommend that you install the Teamviewer Quicksupport app to enable our support technicians to connect remotely to see what is going wrong and correct the problem.

To install the Quicksupport app, open the Google Play store by tapping on the icon shown below.

Type teamviewer into the search bar and select teamviewer quicksupport.

Tap on the Install button.

You may be prompted on Samsung devices to enable Samsung Knox. Follow the on-screen instructions to do this. Tap the Activate button.

Read and agree to the Samsung Knox Privacy Policy then tap the Next button.

The Quicksupport app may ask for special access. If this occurs, tap on the Settings button.

Enable the permissions by tapping on the toggle so that it goes blue as shown below.

To use the Teamviewer app, you will need to provide the support technician with the long Your ID number shown in the Teamviewer app.

When the support technician tries to connect to the device, you will see a prompt. Tap on the Allow button.

You may then be prompted to allow screen casting to begin. Tap Start Now.

You may also be asked to allow QuickSupport access to the device location. Tap on Allow all the time.

Once the remote connection has been created, you will see confirmation on your screen that the support technician is now sharing the screen as shown below.