Checking App Permissions on Android

The Remote Sampler app requires permission to access certain resources on the device like location data and the device camera. If permission is not granted when the app is opened for the first time, this can cause subsequent problems with app functionality.

To view the current permissions for the Remote Sampler app, open the Settings screen on the device by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping on the Cog icon.

Scroll down the list of options on the Settings screen and select Apps.

Scroll down the list of apps and tap on Remote Sampler.

Scroll down on the Remote Sampler App Info screen and tap on the Permissions option.

The permissions for the app should appear as below.

If the permissions are different from those shown above, tap on the item for which a permission change is required, in this case, Location.

Make the required change to the permission and then exit the settings screen. The new permissions should apply to the Remote Sampler app the next time it starts.