Installing from the Web Hub

The Android version of the Remote Sampler application can be directly downloaded and installed from the web hub portal instead of the Google Play Store if necessary. This option is suitable for Remote Sampler implementations where a customer-specific version of the application is required.

To install the application, log in to the web hub portal on the mobile device and navigate to the Download > Device Packages page.

This page is can usually be found at the following URL:



  • <environment> is either test or live depending upon the system being used.

  • <customer> is the unique customer identifier assigned to your implementation - usually the company name or acronym.

Select a version to download from the list of available packages. There are usually two different versions available. Typically, the latest stable and signed-off release is provided under the Current Production link whereas the Current Test version may contain incomplete or unstable functionality that has yet to be signed off for use in production.

You may need to change settings on your device to allow the installation of apps through the browser. The installation procedure is shown in the video below.