Activating a New Device

Activating a new device is done via the Devices tab.

Once the Devices tab has loaded you can choose New Device from the Select Device dropdown - this will show the details that a new device needs to request activation, a QR code will also be generated that can be scanned by a new device to import the details to save the details being manually entered.

To add a new device follow the instructions for Activating a Device

When a device requests activation for the first time it appears in the Select Device dropdown (the device will appear under the ID number shown on the app device activation screen).

Select the new device and the device details will be displayed.

Select the Activation Status dropdown and select Activated to allow the device to connect to the system. If Refused is selected, the device will be prevented from accessing any data on the system.

When you select a status, the Update Device button will become available to indicate that there are changes to be saved.

Click on Update Device and changes will be saved, the Update Device button will be disabled when there are no changes to save.

The device Display Name can also be altered from the screen to provide a user-friendly display name.


Please note that currently the Remote Sampler RSComms service will need to be restarted manually before new devices function correctly. Please contact your support representative to perform this task for you.