Completing a Multi-part Check Worksheet

Learn how to complete advanced daily and weekly check worksheets

This section deals with a more complicated, multi-part colorimeter check worksheet that encompasses the process a sampler may need to perform to ensure their colorimeter stays within the allowed range throughout the sampling day.

From the Remote Sampler home screen, tap on the Checks button.

The Daily and Weekly Checks screen will be displayed as shown below.

To begin a colorimeter check, tap on the bottom row in the grid. When the next screen is shown, create a new worksheet by tapping the New button.


When the new check worksheet appears in the list, tap the Next button to start it.

A colorimeter check is more complicated that a simple vehicle check. Several values must be recorded before the start of the sampling day, and several more values must be recorded at the end of the sampling day. When a worksheet is opened for the first time in the day, several of the rows in the list are greyed out. These are fields that are not required at the current time but will be needed later on.


Remote Sampler will prompt for any additional data required on the check worksheets throughout the day at the appropriate time.

Enter values in all the mandatory fields - these are indicated by the red crosses. The keyboard at the bottom of the screen will change depending on the type of data required. Certain fields may require very specific formats of data.

Once all the mandatory fields have been completed with the exception of the greyed out rows that are for later completion, tap the Next button.

If any mistakes have been made in entering data, Remote Sampler will prompt for a comment to explain what happened. If this occurs, it is possible to either choose to enter a comment and continue or return to the check worksheet by pressing the Back button and rectify the mistake. In the case of this exercise, the value that was entered for the field Standards Lot Number was not acceptable since it was one digit too long for the preconfigured format for that field.


This worksheet will require more work before we can complete it but we cannot complete this work right now because it is required at the end of the sampling day. Completion of the end of day checks is covered here.

To return to the Home screen, complete the comment entry, tap the Next button and then on the Daily and Weekly Checks screen, push the Back button.