Starting Remote Sampler and Logging On

To start the Remote Sampler Desktop Client, double-click the Remote Sampler icon on the desktop.


When the login screen is displayed, enter a user-name and password. 

The Hub box will be automatically populated with the last hub used after it has been set for the first time. Leave the Access box as it is.


Definition: Hub

Remote Sampler uses the concept of a Hub to split users into logical groups, this is usually done by geographical area. For example, if a company has 3 depots in different parts of the country, each with a separate team of samplers, then typically, Remote Sampler would be set up with 3 Hubs, one corresponding to each team. A user may only log on to Hubs for which they have permission.

Click on the Log On button once credentials have been entered, the screen below will be shown.