Deleting or Suspending a User on the Web Hub

In Remote Sampler, it is not possible to delete a user account once it has been created. The reason for this is that existing user accounts may be tied to historical data in the system and whilst a user may no longer be part of an organisation, their historical actions must remain part of the system audit trail.

However, a user account can be given a status of Suspended which has the following effects:

  • Suspended users cannot log into any part of the the system.

  • Suspended accounts are still linked to historical data.

Suspending a User Account

To suspend an account, click the Manage menu item then User Access in the web hub to bring up the user management screen.

Click on the row of the user account to be suspended and click on the Edit Existing User button.

On the Details tab, use the dropdown button to change the Status of the user account to Suspended.

Click on the green Save button to apply the changes to the user account.

The system will confirm the successful suspension of the user account by showing the prompt below.

The user account is now suspended.